Here are just a few things that my pupils have to say about me and my lessons..

In 2007 I was involved in a motorbike accident, which left me with a fear of being on the road amongst traffic. Rich has helped me extensively during my lessons to rebuild my confidence and be able to pass my test first time, which is something that I didn't think I would be able to do. He is a very understanding and patient teacher, who takes the time to go through things thoroughly and ensures that you feel completely comfortable before moving onto something new. A very friendly instructor and I am so grateful for everything he has done for me.

Mark Boyce, St George

I spent all my adult life telling myself i'd never be able to drive. At 37 i took the plunge and couldn't of asked for a better instructor. In just over 3 months i passed 1st time. Rich is an outstanding teacher and really puts you at ease, and reassures you that you can do it. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. Thanks so much for everything, Myrc :-)

Myrc, St George

Rich was a great instructor to have, he certainly knew it all well, he was also really approachable and made having lessons fun and something to look forward to, you could really have a laugh while on your lessons, which makes you enjoy yourself and feel alot more confident. When you make a mistake, he stays really relaxed about it, and you will be laughing about it a few minutes later
You can tell he loves doing what he does as its clear to see he just loves driving and everything about it, and certainly has great taste when it comes to the car you learn in - its a fantastic car!
I passed easily first time with no previous experience

James "aka ROLF" Griffey, Emersons Green

Rich was a fantastic instructor from the first lesson I had with him. Everything that he wanted me to know was explained really well and that of course makes it a lot easier. As well as this I really got on with him and I looked forward to the lessons, we’d always have a laugh. The Mini is also brilliant!! Such a cool car and really good for the tricky manoeuvres!! I started driving with Rich and passed first time so I was well chuffed. I would recommend him to absolutely anybody… :)

Lewis "Hairy" Thorne, Longwell Green

After failing three attempts to pass my practical test with another driving school three years ago i began to lose my confidence with driving and gave up, I particularly struggled with reversing around the corner. I heard about Rich and Mini Adventure through my sister and decided to start learning to drive again. Shortly after starting to learn with Rich i began to see an immediate difference, he was patient, encouraging and gave me confidence in my ability to drive. His techniques on manoeuvres were particularly helpful and made a massive difference to my ability to perform a reverse around the corner. I took my test again and passed on my first time after being taught by Rich. I would recommend anyone to chose Mini Adventure Driving School and Rich as their instructor as it is a sure route to success for anyone who wishes to learn to drive.

Emma Oliver, Kingswood

I would highly recommend Rich as an instructor. He is friendly, patient and explained everything in a clear and confident manner, which made my learning experience fun and stress free! Overall an excellent instructor and top bloke!

John Miller, Kingswood

I loved learning to drive with Rich! The lessons were so chilled out and he made me feel so much more relaxed as a nervous driver. His ‘funny’ sense of humour made the lessons so much more enjoyable! I always looked forward to my driving lessons and always felt confident that I would do well. Overall I would highly recommend learning with Rich, I loved learning and missed my lessons once I passed!

Kate Lacey, Hanham

I was looking for the best instructor for me. There was a certain criteria for me but it was mainly based on the first lesson. The instructor I was going to choose had to be a good teacher, had to have a good car, had to have their full instructor licence and most importantly be able to communicate well on progress. Rich exceeds in all areas as well as being flexible with your schedule. For me I wanted to do it quickly but competently and I did! I passed in 12 weeks and went on to do my Pass Plus a week after I passed. Excellent instructor. Highly Recommended

James Smith, Keynsham

The car that a person learns to drive in is as important as the instructor. The mini is a beautiful nippy car that is smooth to drive and hard to stall. Rich appreciates that there are students with different levels of experience and is a great instructor for the sheer fact that he does not aim to undo what you have already been taught but considers the individual and what method works best for them. Rich makes good students into great drivers by making them think about their mistakes and understand how to correct them. In four words I would sum him up to be friendly, professional, logical and patient. I'd failed my test 3 times before I met Rich and managed to pass on my first attempt with him

Jo, Fishponds

Brilliant Instructor, calm and doesn't shout when you make a mistake, very reliable and funny too - someone you can have a laugh with! Excellent at explaining things and talks you through everything your doing, I would recommend him to anyone, brill' and all round top man

Leigh McCall, Kingswood

After my mate had problems with his instructor, I was a bit worried about choosing someone but Rich is great, I love him almost as much as I love rovers, lessons were always fun and if I didn't understand anything he would make it crystal clear. I passed in no time at all. I'd recommend him to all

Lanky Lee, Saltford
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