The pass rate for Kingswood Driving Test Centre is around 48%. Statistically you have more chance of failing than passing ☹️ 

Have no fear, my average pass rate is way beyond this!!

The last half of 2019 was a great run, 25 out of 28 tests passed thats an 89% pass rate. I also broke my record for my most ZERO fault tests in a year, 5 pupils drove for the whole 40 minute test without the examiner able to fault a single thing they did 💫 


To be allowed a maximum of 15 driver faults and recording none is a fantastic achievement 🏆 

2020 has started well 12 out of 14 tests passed so far, thats 86%. Long may it continue.

Recent passes:

Dylan Herbert, Kingswood, 1st time

Amelia Richards, Hanham, 1st time

Daisy Richards, Hanham, 1st time

Amaya Reid, Hanham, 1st time

Tom Withers, Kingswood, 1st time

Ruben Shehean, St George, 1st time

Mia Troake, Longwell Green, 2nd time

Fin Hill-Dear, Hanham, 1st time

Archie Whiteford, Kingswood, 1st time

Jaiden Catley, St George, 3rd time

Zuzanna Oliwkiewicz, Hanham, 1st time

Tyler Robson, Oldland Common, 1st time

Owen Dowling, Hanham, 1st time

Max Barker, Hanham, 1st time

Ross Guy, Kingswood, 1st time

Jess Fullard, Kingswood, 1st time

Mitch Stefano, Kingswood, 1st time

Tom Rogers, Staple Hill, 2nd time

Lucy Willmott, Kingswood, 1st time

Jack Sewell, Oldland Common, 1st time

Jamie Collier, Hanham, 2nd time

Katie Iles, Longwell Green, 1st time

Ross Abrahams, Kingswood, 2nd time

Conner Mitchell, North Common, 1st time

Ethan Page, Kingswood, 1st time

Brad Smith, Hanham, 1st time

Karis Walsh, Crews Hole, 2nd time

Sarah Morgan, Kingswood, 1st time

Louise Long, Hanham, 1st time

Gracie Ellis, Warmley, 1st time

Harrison Davis, Hanham, 1st time

Connor Ralph, Hanham, 1st time

Liv Allen, Hanham, 1st time

Maia Powell, Willsbridge, 1st time

Ben Dixey, Longwell Green, 1st time